Management Consultancy

When I started off scouting for a job after a degree in finance, I thought my field was relatively restricted only to financial services and also to statistics perhaps. But I was in for a surprise when I learned about management consultancy. This is one thing that anyone would love to do; it's that dynamic a field!


Besides, I have been an extrovert all my life and I have been a go-getter too

But then again, I am not trying to predefine the scope of the field with just these two attributes. This field encompasses a lot more than what they teach you in classrooms or what you thought your standard job would be.

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So, how is management consultation differents:

After two years at a designing job, I was feeling claustrophobic. I did not like reporting at the office on time and was forever thinking up plans of leaving before time with some excuse! Yes, you wouldn't believe me unless you bump into my ex-boss and colleagues who were surprised that someone like me with an academic record like mine was playing truant!

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It does not restrict you to a cubicle

Now everyone knows that the few days, weeks perhaps months are the most interesting at the new job. After which period, the job can start getting monotonous and boring. If your day job where you are expected to spend eight straight hours does not give you the freedom or the creativity, then it means you are surely going to go through a phase of forced moaning waking up and reporting at the office. You can actually forget anywhere at that rate because losing motivation at work is the stepping stone to failure.

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But a job change was in offing, I knew

During those days, I hit upon the internet often to find out why I was losing it in life. It was then that I read about management consulting as a field. The attributes and the scope sounded just like how I would like it and so I keenly read up posts after posts in a bid to pursue it. This is what I unearthed those days during my research.

Management Consultancy

Management consultancy encompasses everything there is about businesses; how they work, the strategies that they adopt to overcome short term and long term issues, their structure of management and the operations that they carry out in their organizations. So, if you are someone who gets excited working for a full-blown organization with all the works, this may be the right place for you.


The scope is not limited at all. A management consultant in his individual capacity or as a firm of such consultants who work in tandem on an organization improve performances and help the company grow by solving all the problems finding newer and better way of doing things.

How wide is the scope?

If you are thinking that a management consultant can only work in a private field, think again. The public sector also needs management consultants to work out ways for them to do so that they develop information on their products and services and also reduce cost thereby making savings on their processes.


Again, management consultancy is not limited to any one department in the organization. The consultant can be asked to work in any department be it human resources (Personnel) or marketing or information technology or even finance.

The reason why there are so many takers for this field suddenly is that there is so much to learn from it both professionally and personally. It enriches your life because each time you are put to work in a new organizational climate; you are learning newer coping mechanism. You will be able to troubleshoot problems, create committees and teams to work on the problems and to bring out a viable solution.

Travelling is a big plus: You stand a chance of working all across the globe with clients that are truly multinationals thereby improving your chances of climbing the ladder sooner. Also, these experiences look really good on your resume!

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